to be Circular stars

We provide the information and tools kids need to become Conscious, Innovative and Collaborative participants in a Circular Economy

Educational resources for formal and informal educators

Digital and non-digital tools around Circularity and 21st century skills, as Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, etc.

Tailored-made educational programs for organizers

We are involved in education in all it forms: Lesson plans for schools, Events, Workshops, Camps, you name it! We create our own adventures, and we also join forces and collaborate with others to propel Circularity forward, one adventure at a time.

An online community space, 
made by 
kids for kids

Kids for the Circular Economy. Inspiring each other and learning together. Play, create, share and change.

Together with

From the very start, working together with our stakeholders has motivated and facilitated us in taking steps forward to fulfill our mission and vision.

We work together with Schools, Governmental and Non-Governmental Institutions, Entrepreneurs and (local) Businesses to create circular adventures and learning tools. Together we empower a growing number of Circular Stars. 


Governmental & Non-Governmental Institutions


Local Businesses

Latest collaboration

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