Our mission is:
Empowering Kids To Be Circular Stars

The Stars Are Circular Foundation provides kids with the information and tools needed to develop into conscious, innovative and collaborative participants in a circular economy through the enhancement of social, creative and entrepreneurial skills.
Our vision is a world in which the circular economy is a reality and people can live in prosperity, within cohesive local communities and without harming the planet. 
To achieve this, we believe it is key to tell kids about the values and principles of the circular economy to ensure they have both the mindset and the skill set to further the circular economy.
We foster individual strengths and talents to achieve collective impact and aim to collaborate with families, schools, entrepreneurs and (local) businesses and institutions.

Members of the Board


"We should embrace thinking, learning and experiencing the world as -and with- kids. They are definitely the way towards change. Let’s create an empowering space around them to nurture their innate brightness."


"To accelerate the transition to a circular economy and create real momentum, involving children is key. I believe kids are idealist by nature and enjoy helping and creating when they get the chance."

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