Collaboration is key to all of our initiatives.

From the very start, reaching out to kids and parents, schools, entrepreneurs, institutions and corporates has motivated and facilitated us in taking steps forward to fulfill our mission and vision.

With the continued support of our stakeholders more kids can get involved in fun and playful ways with the circular economy. 

With Companies

In the second half of 2017 we partnered with CIRCL, ABN AMRO’s new circular pavilion on the Zuidas (Amsterdam), created to shared the knowledge obtained about circularity and advise their clients on the subject. And to connect. With customers, colleagues, neighbours and passersby.

We organised, developed and facilitated six workshops around circular economy for kids and parents. Each of them was built around a different topic, including tailor-made activities done by entrepreneurs from our network Hashtag Circular.

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Marketplace: give toys a second life

Twice we organised an offline marketplace for kids and families to exchange used stuff with each other.

Textile & Fashion: circular puzzle

A lot of clothes and other textiles are thrown away. What can we reuse? We made key chains and other products with leather leftover material.

Circular Building: circular puzzle

With three classes from the Day A Week School in Amsterdam we explored the circular building world. A tour around the building of CIRCL  was part of the programme of course.

Dierendag: CIRCL of life

On animal day we investigated how plastic influences the life of animals and how we can ensure that animals can have a plastic-free existence. If we all avoid plastic as much as possible or recycle and we clean the plastic soup, we’ll make a lot of animals very happy!

Circular Resolutions

During the final workshop we invited kids to think about their circular resolutions. What will they take away from their learnings and implement in real life? We coupled the workshop to our 7DaysCircular program at Springhigh and had kids pitch their idea and write down their resolutions.

With Governmental & Non-Governmental Institutions

Think DIF (Disruptive Innovation Festival) is and online open access event that asks the questions: what if we could redesign everything?

We’ve participated during 2017 and 2018 creating content about young kid’ s education of 21st century skills, for a transition towards a circular economy.



During 2017 we organized a panel discussion with experts with different backgrounds, an offline event held at Springhouse that was also livestream for the DIF online audience.


During 2018 we created a short film that explores what kids know about the circular economy, if they feel they are involved and can have an impact. Talking directly with them we were able to record their own words and ideas.

During 2019 we are collaborating with Amstergaard on the first stage of an educational program. The Organization is focused on creating small green spaces all over the city, using circular hexagonal containers with fruit plants. Their project cares not only about sustainability but also about getting people together around the containers, creating a community.

The Stars Are Circular Foundation partners with them to develop an educational program to involve kids and teach them about this great initiative.

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With Schools

The 7DaysCircular program is a framework to include lessons on circular economy on both Primary and Secundary schools.
For each school we partner with, we use the framework as a based and built each lesson specifically around the school needs. We work together with directors, teachers and kids, in all three levels, to obtain the better learning results. The lessons are planned and then facilitated together with entrepreneurs of our Hashtag Circular network.

We also include Company visits on the program, an opportunity to our funding partners to get more involved in the next generation’s education.


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