Creating tools for kids and families to learn about the circular journey of stuff.

Introducing the first kids marketplace to exchange used stuff.
A real life circular economy experience to create, play, share and change.
For a brighter now.

sCoolMakers gives kids and young adults responsibility, which leads to empowerment. 
Step by step, using sCoolMakers they are introduced in a playful, creative and entrepreneurial way to the principles of a circular economy and social responsibility. 

We believe in a learning-by-doing approach, co-creating from the start with our users: kids and families.


Thinking globally, acting locally

Warenhuisje is our first initiative for the dutch market.
We are Amsterdam based and that’s where everything starts:  
Warenhuisje’s Amsterdam club.

A real life experience to helps kids and young adults prepare for a new circular economy. 

A holistic learning journey that allows kids to truly be empowered and flourish. 

The journey takes place on our online trading platform and at our offline events.

The first online platform where kids take ownership over their trades, and learn about the positive ecological impact of second-hand trade. 

Putting the kid’s learning central calls for specific online features, innovative in the field of platform economies:

• Kid’s protection and safety
• Parental supervision
• Learning JOURNEYS
• Ecosystem of collaborators

Want to know more about sCoolMakers?

Visit the project website for a complete overview of the project and its first working prototype